Vinyl Pergolas

Dating back to 1400 BC, Pergolas have stood the test of time. Although their styles, materials, and name may have changed their purpose and function has not. Whether used in garden areas, walkways, or attached to a home to provide added shade and protection from the elements, a Vinyl Pergola will add value and interest to your outdoor oasis. Vinyl Pergolas can be purchased in predesigned kits or can be custom made to fit the needs of your particular living space. The first question you should ask yourself, will this be a free standing pergola or will it be attached to a building? Then you will need to decide what kind of post you’re wanting to use, square, round, weight baring, square sleeves, decorative turned post, etc. After choosing the post right for your application you can pick between a variety of beam and rail sizes and shade designs.

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Attached Pergola

Attached to the house

Attached Pergola

Attached Pergola

Free-standing Pergola

Free-standing Pergola

Free-standing Pergola

Free-standing Pergola

8" X 12" Pergola

8′ X 12′ Pergola

8' X 16' Pergola

8′ X 16′ Pergola

8' X 20'

8′ X 20’Pergola

10' X 10' Pergola

10′ X 10′ Pergola

10' X 12' Pergola

10′ X 12′ Pergola

10' X 16' Pergola

10′ X 16′ Pergola

10' X 20' Pergola

10′ X 20′ Pergola

12' X 12' Pergola

12′ X 12′ Pergola

12' X 16' Pergola

12′ X 16′ Pergola

12' X 20' Pergola

12′ X 20′ Pergola

16' X 16' Pergola

16′ X 16′ Pergola

16' X 20' Pergola

16′ X 20′ Pergola

Vinyl Pergola Options

Pergolas available in White, Almond, Clay and Black

Pergola Color Options

Pergola Color Options

Pergola Columns Available: Round, Square, Structural and Non-Structural. (Not all colors are available in columns)

Pergola Columns

Pergola Columns

Pergola Rail Options: 2″ X 6 and 2′ X 8″- Hollow or with Aluminum Inserts

Pergola Rail OptionsPergola Rail Options

Shade options: Diamond or Square Lattice and/or Vinyl Pickets

Shade Options

Shade Options

Pergola Accessories: End Caps, Clips, Fasteners, etc.

Pergola Accessories

Pergola Accessories


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